Frequent Asked Questions

The CMWL program is customized for each individuals needs. We have three different paths the quick start, modified and appetite suppressant. After consultation with the Physician the best suitable plan will be selected.

Is this suitable for diabetics?
Yes, this program is suitable for diabetics. It is a Physician directed weight loss program. As such, they will closely monitor any medications a client maybe on and make necessary dosage changes.

What is the cost?
As each program is customized for each individual so is the cost. There are a number of variables that make up the cost of the program such as which path is selected, which insurance company you are with, and ultimate goal for ones’ self.

Each session from start to finish is forty minutes. These sessions include 30 minutes on the SpineMed Decompression table, followed by 10 minutes of ice therapy.

How many treatment sessions are there?
After consultation with the physician there is a minimum of 20. After one has completed their 20 sessions they will be re-evaluated by the physician to assess if more sessions are needed.

How much does it cost?
Cost is based upon which insurance company an individual is with along with how often they received their treatment.

No, currently the Anti Gravity Treadmill (AlterG) session is not covered by insurance, however the prices are very reasonable.

How long is each session?
The length of a session is dependent on the individual. We offer time slots of 30, 45, and 60 minute intervals.

How does it work?
Using NASA-based Differential Air Pressure technology that gently lifts the client, we are able to precisely unload someone from full body weight to 20% weight bearing.

Yes, the Nutrition Consult is covered by insurance as we have a registered dietician on staff. Also, if you have major medical and have not exceeded your visits for the year.

Why is a referral necessary?
Most insurance providers require a referral to be sent from your physician to cover this service. I.E. for them to pay for it a referral must be sent.

The key difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist is that, in addition to or as part of their qualification in human nutrition, a dietitian has undertaken a course of study that included substantial theory and supervised and assessed professional practice in clinical nutrition, medical nutrition therapy and food service management.

A registered dietician holds a license to practice which in Bermuda is thru the Chief Medical Office.

A nutritionist focus is more on prevention were as a dietitian in addition to prevention can also manage current conditions.